Client Testimonials


I have been working with Whitney Wells for a few weeks now, and as a life coach, she is truly a comfort and a motivator to me every day. I was hesitant to start this during the Pandemic, but honestly, she has been a bigger lifesaver than I ever could know. In my first session, Whitney made me feel so comfortable, I was just able to share everything with her like I never have with anyone before. I know she never judges me and wants me to achieve my true happiness. Whitney listens to me, teaches me why my brain and thoughts are how they are, and gives me a true understanding as to how to reset my thoughts which gives me control over my feelings. Even though I have setbacks, Whitney always has new ways and techniques to share with me that guide me to change my behavior and ultimately improve my life. The coolest thing about working with Whitney is that she is the real deal. She lives her truth, and just wants to share what she has learned with others. That to me is what makes her stand out, and ultimately why I am going to see this through. I deserve it!
Thank you, Whitney!

Kelly K

I was convinced my relationship issues could not be solved with coaching. But, I was so wrong. After just one session, Whitney was able to open my mind to a different way of looking at my situation. I felt almost instant relief. I went from feeling anxious and confused to more calm and certain. The best part was that I was able to fix my relationship issues without having to involve my partner in the coaching sessions.

Nikki P

Coaching with Whitney has helped me to create the relationship that I truly want. This is invaluable to me! I came to Whitney because I often felt frustrated, resentful, and a lack of control when it came to my relationship. Now, I am in control, feeling empowered with more connection and love in my relationship.
What I love the most about Whitney, is how she keeps me centered and is able to see what the problem is, and knows how to solve it. She has helped me feel empowered and in control! She has helped me create the connection and happiness I want in my relationship and we have so much fun doing it!! I highly recommend Whitney, she is so effective with an ease that has allowed me to really benefit from our sessions! Thank you Whitney! 

Lara M

Whitney's program has been so empowering. We have been working on my drinking and she is warm, funny, real and so helpful. Before working with her, I would find myself in a cycle of questioning my drinking habits, then restricting and beating myself up. I really did feel powerless and broken at times. Her coaching helped me see that I'm not broken. She has given me the tools and support I needed to take back the power in my decisions around drinking, and it has been really fun in the process! Whatever problem you may have or want help with, her coaching will help you see that your thoughts have all the power, and you can create relaxation, confidence, or relief from your day with your brain. I can not recommend her highly enough!

Megan L

I truly enjoy my sessions with Whitney! I was doubtful how much I would take away from life coaching. Whitney's coaching is now something I look forward to every week. I love how we manage new situations/feelings every session, while working with the same core skills. I have begun to use these skills on my own without even thinking about it now. It has really helped me reduce my overall stress level and helped me navigate interpersonal relationships in a more honest and meaningful way.

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